Motivating Millions

Where to invade next. The film review.

Michael Moore’s new film “Where to Invade Next” recently premiered at the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival. And it turned out to be a very funny, very sad and very important film.

The title is misleading. There is no military content. The concept is that Michael Moore is personally invading countries around Europe to capture great new ideas for America.

On his tour he visits Italy, France, Portugal, Iceland and Norway. In each country he identifies positive policies that are helping improve education, reduce crime, reduce drug use and improve productivity.

The answers are often surprising. And always human. The humanity of leading-edge public policy is contrasted against the frequent inhumanity of current American policy. For example, in the Q and A afterwards Moore contrasted the number of Americans killed by ISIS and the number dying because they had no health insurance (49,000 a year).

The film is now on general release and an interesting perspective against the backdrop of the European referendum and a potential Trump presidency (Moore thinks he will win).

Further information here.

John Drummond
Chairman Corporate Culture Group
July 2016