Motivating Millions

Food not so glorious waste

Waste has slowly become a resource in the UK, whilst in many countries – generally with poorer economies, but great ingenuity and creativity – waste has always been a resource where every scrap and element of unwanted products or by-products has a value.


In the UK there has been a growing appreciation that waste is a resource, however, still too much valuable food, material and product is discarded instead of being repaired, re-used or recycled.

In his BBC programme, War on Waste, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has highlighted this issue with great passion and conviction. The programme is well researched, produced and presented – and is highly recommended as compelling viewing. It is providing a much needed shock to raise awareness and inspire action for all of us, however, it is missing a key opportunity to embrace and promote the existing and established nationwide behaviour change campaigns – Love Food Hate Waste and Love your Clothes.

These proven change campaigns, spearheaded by WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme) and designed to be ‘owned ‘ and personalised by any area or community, can achieve so much more, and reach an even wider audience, with support and promotion from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and the BBC.

Likewise Hugh’s ‘war on waste’ will achieve even more by promoting the motivational messages and actions promoted by WRAP, so that consumers get consistent information, tips and guidance.

So, sign up to Hugh’s ‘war on waste‘, but also visit Love Food Hate Waste for recipes, ideas and tips on what to do with your wilting greens and limp carrots.